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Wizardry Online is a free-to-play action MMORPG that is now available in Japan and coming soon to US and EU within this year. The game is an incarnation of the classic Wizardry PC role-playing games originally created in 1981, which is brought back to life by the Japanese publisher Gamepot, Inc..

Wizardry Online is targeted at hardcore gamers with challenging gameplay. In-game monsters are designed with no other purpose but to destroy players’ characters; dungeons full of traps are so difficult to fight through that the final victory will generate the real sense of achievement; the allies in the same group that cooperate in battles one moment ago may turn back to each other in a second due to the player-killing system; and permadeath haunts those still alive – when a player dies he/she becomes a ghost, a sort-of second chance to get the body back or lose it forever. The game retains the open-world exploration, party-based combat and other fundamental elements of the classic series. Yet on the whole, difficulty sets the footnote for this hardcore game: Wizardry Online presents a world of adventure and tension that shows no mercy for faint-hearts.

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