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WolfKnights is a fresh and exciting fantasy MMORPG set in the classic medieval background. The game is a unique season-based massively multiplayer online game and offers special experience with its many playable characters and dynamic ever-changing combat.

WolfKnights features the rivalry among three Realms who at the meantime struggle to take on the final Boss monster for the greatest honor and rewards. Players can choose their characters but not the Realm. All players are automatically assigned to one side and then grow stronger via various quests in preparation for the final combat.


In the world map players will first brave through the field cooperating with members of the same realm to take and complete the global quests. Fight monsters, collect items and level up characters for greater challenge. While the field is mainly about cooperation and guild activities, it allows those reaching certain levels to fight each other for treasure, good items or any other reason. Different from field play, the Treasure Dungeon is where players from different realms can freely battle and take out enemies. And there is the final all-out war where fighters from all three Realms compete against each other while battling the Boss Monster released when all seals are collected.

With the special season system, WolfKnights designs off-season phases, which allows players to unlock different characters, customize avatars with skins and items, join guild activities and reserve the next season to play, at the interval of a list of time schedules for each season. When a season starts, players can take part in the rich variety of activities, developing characters in multiple ways and enjoying the diverse battles and competitions. And as the season ends with the rising winner of the final battle, both characters and items of the season will be wiped out. Then a new season starts, bringing in new challenge.

WolfKnights is available to download in both Korea and English.

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