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Wonderland Epic

Wonderland Epic
  • Release Date: Nov. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

The “Epic” franchise of 6waves is having a new member now with the release of Wonderland Epic to join Treasure Epic, Bubble Epic and so on. A blocks-eliminating puzzle game, it takes players to a mysterious land that draws aspiration partly from Alice’s wonderland. Prepare yourself for a simple and immersive puzzle adventure!

Wonderland Epic

In Wonderland Epic’s realm, magic once flowed freely but is now sealed into stone blocks by King Blackspade who made himself the only power-rider. Red Queen asks for your help bring magic back to Wonderland and breaks the wicked form caused by the twisted heart of King. Red Queen, Jack Diamond and Club Ace will be in your side along the journey as you unlock and travel to one magical zone after another.

The game is structured in the conventional level-passing formula. The basic game rule is simple: you click blocks of two or more tiles to eliminate them while trying to complete each level objective. There are several different types of gameplay: when you have Queen, Jack or Club Ace in the side, you usually need to clear x percentage of the board, score certain points or/and collect a number of magical artifacts; and when they are not there, you have limited moves to use to achieve the similar goal.

As you travel through levels and maps, you unlock and gather diverse power-ups such as spiders, hammer and cubic orbs that can solve thorny problems in different ways. With them, you can knock down a blocking tiles that can’t be matched, blast off 3*3 square of tiles, eliminate the entire tiles of one color or all web-covered boxes on the board, or clear off an entire column or vertical line. Besides, you charge up the special powers of the three helpers by clearing tiles that give boosts as well when they are activated.

Wonderland Epic features beautifully drawn graphics and a verity of fairytale style maps. To add some nice touch to the conventional gameplay, it designs diverse special tiles in the board – the spider and his web-covered boxes, the vines, the treasure chests, clocks and crowns, stones and icy bombs and so on and so forth. It is familiar gameplay but fun anyway.

The game incorporates the basic social elements. It encourages you to invite friends and charges you premium gems to unlock more maps when you don’t have friends. So while it is a single-player adventure puzzle game, it would be better to have some friends and help each other out in saving real money.

Come to this wonderland and return magic to its people!

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  1. Kim Judkins says:

    I want to download this game. How can I do that?



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