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WordBog is a casual puzzle game that challenges you to make words. Use all the letters on the board to spell the longest word you can and compete with friends asynchronously for the top position of the leader board!


The game rules in WordBog is simple. You use letters on the 6×6 grid-based board to make words. Letters can be up/down/left/right or diagonal to each other; and basically, the longer is the word, the higher the score. Meanwhile, each letter has a basic score and some ‘difficult’ letters like Q or Z have higher basic points so when you use less common letters you have a chance to get higher score, too.

As mentioned, the board is of a 6×6 grid with fixed number of letters. When you use letters, they disappear and those above fall into the spaces. Try to put all letters into use. To do that you can rotate the board clockwise or in the other round to switch things about and increase the possibilities. In a round you can take your time to make as many words as you can and then submit them all to confirm your total score comparing with those of your friends.

WordBog is available in iPhone, iPad, Android, mobile web and Facebook.com.