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Words of Wonder

Words of Wonder
  • Release Date: Mar. 2013
  • Publisher: Playdom
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Word&Trivia
  • Official Site

Words of Wonder is a new innovative word-themed game that blends with some strong elements from Bejeweled series. The game sends you into a journey inside a storybook with the titular name. There, you need to overcome difficulty level after level removing the grey curse over the Words of Wonder book and restoring its magic and color by word creation. Against such a back story, the journey starts.

Words of Wonder

An awl will introduce the basic rules in the beginning. Over the grid-like board, you need to link adjacent letters from right to left, vice verse, or in diagonal to make a correct word between 3 to 8 letters. The longer a word, the higher the points. Points earned from words will fill up the level stars. You have numbered Moves, one move for one word, to use in every level. Any left over move will turn into bonus tiles to boost your score. You can pass a level when you meet its objective and get at least one star.

Based on the simple rules, the game increases its difficulty and introduces diversity gradually. As you make your way to higher levels painting the lifeless book with more colors, you will learn the varied features that enrich the contents and deepen the immersion.

In a level, you can turn a title into a Double Word Score bonus if you can make four-letter words. The bonus letter will, if made into another word, blows up surrounding titles to help in the completion of a task, especially when the objective of that level is to clear x mount of titles. To clear a preset amount titles is one kind of objective. And others aren’t strange to puzzle fans either. At some levels, you will be required to free specific letters from ink, and at another some, you need to eliminate titles to make a way for the quills to drop to the bottom of the board. As you make progress, you will access to challenging levels which you can pass successfully by just one try. You have the option of using Power-ups – extra moves, a hammer to get rid of a specific tile, shuffle tool to bring up a rearranged board, etc.. But you probably won’t use them actually, because you can’t afford.

The game monetizes mainly through the purchase of Power-ups, which requires a great mount of Gold Bar to purchase. But you don’t have to. To pass a difficult level, you just need to spend more time in it, racking brains to make long words, pondering over the best path and simply trying more than once. It’s really great that you can access the full content all by your wit. And it’s even greater that you can enjoy long time’s playing without forced halt by Energy. There is the energy bar in the game and the 10-piont’s reduction for each play. But energy doesn’t stand in your way, not for a long time. It’s recharged over time, 1 point per 5 minutes; and it can be purchased with Gold, 10 points for 1 bar. And the generous developer offers 20 gold for free at start.

Words of Wonder is simple to learn but prepares enough challenges for experienced players to conquer. It’s amazingly addictive encouraging you to move forward happily oblivious of time. It allows you to play at your own pace without the time limit for a level and with enough energy for free. It’s an innovative title in the word genre and a satisfactory experience for casual players.

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