World of Battles Launches on GamersFirst Today

TIME : 01st Nov 2012 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

Frogwares has partnered with GamersFirst, an online portal of free-to-play games, to further promote their MMORTS World of Battles initially launched in April of this year. And, the game goes live on the new platform today.

World of Battles

For players who are still not familiar with WoB, here is a brief description of the game. World of Battles: Morningstar is a real time online strategy (RTS) game that features more than 80 different units for 8 unique races. The game takes place in a world torn by endless warfare and strife between 3 alliances: Good, Evil and Neutral, which clash together in furious battles. At the same time, each race has its own set of units, Master Units and Giants with customizable equipment, which is 100% visually reflected on every soldier in real-time 3D battles. An extremely efficient “one click” system of matchmaking provides for balance of battles and optimizes them for maximum fun for all the participants: just press the button to play alone or create a party to team up with your friends. Extend your friend list with the best players and create your own Clan, gathering allies under one banner to dive into dynamic PvP warfare on the World Map. Conquer lands, defend your properties and raid your enemies’ possessions while gaining valuable bonuses in highly detailed real-time battles!

Join the increasing gaming community and have fun!