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Perhaps the idea has crossed the mind of most real-time strategy fans at least once that what if a RTS game adds detailed customizable units and grand vivid battle scenes to the solid strategic framework. If that’s what you expect, you may want to try out World of Battles: Morningstar, a new game that combines the tactical richness with a wide range of customizable equipment and epic 3D battles in real time.

World of Battles Morningstar

You will probably feel the eager to jump into play, if you’ve ever watched the official trailer that boils down the several striking features. You will have a rich variety of units (over 80 in total) that are not only customizable but also visual in detail in the battlefields. Build up your own army in size and in variety, prepare them for war with updates and formation, and take control all the way until the end of a battle. To dominate the expansive global map, you need to join hand with alliances so as to seize regions with tactical advantage and move on to achieve the ultimate control.

Don’t expect the massive battles with hundreds in as well as those giant units with spectacular attacking skills seen in the trailer to appear in the beginning of your battles. Initial force is only strong enough for you to take on those similarly weak enemies, which exist only to be defeated. From there, you learn the basics of combat and pro-con relationship among infantry, cavalry and pikemen matching against one another as well as some ranged unit types.

Simple single player battles are just prelude for the larger scales of war involving multiplayer. For those queuing up for a quick battle, you will automatically be entered a team of one side to balance the gameplay for sides in terms of number and force. A quick start is good but the balance of opposing force needs tweaking though. It’s predictable of the frustration of a group of beginners who are pit against a team of veterans or the higher leveled. Besides matchmaking, there is also the usual set of Clan system, which allows players at and above Lv.7 to join battles fought for control of sections of the world map.

At a simple glance at either trailer or feature, you may doubt that this game, looking great, is free to play. And it is. But soon you will find an answer to your suspect and probably nods, I know it. Freemium is never independent from premium; and free-to-play easily generates pay-to-win. In World of Battles, it costs a price, in real money, to gain the best stuff and full access to troop types as well as extra gains from battles, etc..

World of Battles sweetens the traditional RTS with visual greatness. It is featured with many appealing playable elements, but also flawed in several aspects. It’s a good game worth a try. But take note, it’s not that free-to-play as it sounds.