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World of Trinketz is a new free-to-play family-friendly simulation MMO with a 3D world. The game is about exploration and creation of a world of Trinketz, the everyday objects that have come to life when you adopt and care for them. With its interactive, non-violent contents, it appeals to kids and grown-ups with a young heart.

World of Trinketz provides decent customization for the character with a dozen of choices in personalizing looks and clothing. As you enter this ambient world, you are in an NPC’s home where you will pick up the simple operation and basics of adopting and interacting with Trinketz. Then, you go to your land, bare initially, and place the first Trinketz of your own to begin your adventure.

World of Trinketz

As a Guardian of the Trinketz, you pursue the simple goal, that is, to collect as many Trinketz as possible and build your own corner of the world for people to visit. Each Trinketz has two basic stats known as Health and Amusement and its own special abilities. You need to care for them keeping their two stats bar to maximum – tell jokes or flirt to keep them amused and feed them with materials that they are made of to restore energy – so that you can form friendships with them, receive their love in the form of Hearts, and use their abilities to get the various food, products or items that are needed to finish quests or sold to make a fortune.

You will need coins in many different ways. You need to purchase the Health resources or other items that keep your Trinketz happy and well-treated; you have hundreds of Trinketz in the shop waiting to be adopted to your home; and you also need coins to expand your land. Meanwhile, you have many ways to earn coins. You can accept different quests in Town and your Trinketz will help you by providing a vast collection of items that are in great demand in vendors’. So don’t worry, you and your beloved Trinketz will work together to make a sweet corner of the world.

You will keep yourself occupied alone by shuffling via portals between your home and the Normy Town, accepting quests, tending your pets and improving your home. You will make progress and level up, which brings in new contents from adoptable Trinketz to new abilities to new maps for adventure. But you don’t have to be alone. It’s a friendly community where you can meet new buddies and make friends, and enjoy the party time by dancing, farming, baking, fishing or playing music together.

World of Trinketz is the first ever family-friendly 3D MMO for Facebook. With its colorful vibrant gaming world, rich building simulation and loving Trinketz-care content, it is a nice game that kids and everyone can enjoy.

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