World Tour Fishing Closed Beta Key Giveaway

TIME : 02nd Dec 2013 MonAUTHOR : Eleanor

Game Campus is launching the Closed Beta Test for World Tour Fishing (WTF) on Dec. 5th, 2013, opening up a series of hot fishing spots for anglers and fishing sports fans. During CBT not only can you get full hands with over 200 fish species, you can also join special events that rewards winners with both in-game cool stuff and real-world prizes.

MMOHunter is now giving out CBT Keys. If loving virtual fishing, grab a key for the upcoming CBT launch.

World Tour Fishing

Redemption instruction:

1.       Register for a GamesCampus account ( and sign in.

2.       Go to the World Tour Fishing page ( and click on “Register for CBT now!”

3.       Enter CBT Key and click submit.

4.       Download Close Beta Client and follow installation instructions.

About World Tour Fishing

World Tour Fishing (WTF) is an Online Multiplayer Fishing Game (OMFG) simulating real world fishing locations from around the globe.  Players challenge themselves to fish through the ranks to professional angler or sport fisher while competing against other players in daily and weekly tournaments.  Spanning 3 continents and hundreds of the most sought after fish across the globe, WTF lets players experience ocean and river fishing without having to worry about licenses, overfishing, crowds or any of the other inconveniences with real world fishing.

To Get a Key, Please Leave a Valid Email (One Sumbit is Enough) in the COMMENT Section Below.