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WorldAlpha is a free browser-based social strategy MMO that takes players into a newly discovered earth-like planet. It’s set in the not-so-distant future when a new planet is discovered and chosen citizens are sent there to create a new society.

Resources supplied from Earth are limited, so players will have to create new economy, making use of the rich resources in the new planet and getting well-paid jobs. Players in it will pick up different career in the scope of business, military or politics, and then work together to build new cities, which in turn make up of a functioning nation. It’s up to players to decide the nature of their countries whether it’s peace-loving, neutral or aggressive. It is not a game for single players, and socialization will be an important highlight in this real-time strategy game. Besides the traditional attack and defense, different minigames are also added to enrich the gameplay, allowing players to impact their military exploits. And such setups are not commonly seen in others.

Currently, WorldAlpha is still in development and calling out for beta testers.  And it’s scheduled to release in Octber of this year.