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Worms: Revolution

Worms: Revolution
  • Release Date: Sep. 30th, 2012
  • Publisher: Team17 Software
  • Developer: Team17 Software
  • Genre: Turn-based Strategy
  • Official Site

Worms: Revolution is a new turn-based tactical game that is being developed by Team17 Software and going to launch on both PC and consoles in Q3 2012. Built in the crazy world of licensed Worms series, the new strategy game will continue to star those crazy wacky worms and feature the sense of humor and some of the old favorite elements (such as the Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenade) in battles. Meanwhile, built on a completely new engine from the ground up, it is also a brand new game with new features and challenges such as dynamic water, the 3D landscapes and overhauled physics never seen before in any previous Worms.

Worms Revolution  Screenshot

Team17 has been updating game contents since they announced Warms: Revolution in March 30th, 2012. In last Friday, the third dev diary just came out introducing the in-game classes and customization. Unlike the same worm seen in the past works, four unique worm classes will be introduced, including the Soldier, the Scout, the Scientist and the Heavy. And unlike the usual unhurt battles, physical damage is added to make the action more palpable if not realistic from those black eyes, missing teeth and bandaged arms. As to customization, not only is the accessory wardrobe is enriched by hats, wigs, gravestone and victory dances and so on, the speech bank is also revamped to vivify the worms’ utterance by multiple samples.

Worms Revolution_Four Classes

  • Soldier – the starting class for everyone, and an all-rounder that walks, jumps and attacks as it is expected to
  • Scout – a small-sized and nimble class whose advantage is the ability of digging a tiny Blow Torch tunnel where other larger worms can’t access whilst the downside is that it can be kicked really hard by other worms to fly out
  • Scientist – the support class with a big head who is not a frontline fighter but support the team with the more powerful weapons (like Sentry Guns and Electromagnets) it creates and bonuses it offers to teammates such as an extra amount of health points
  • Heavy – slow and giant class that is powerful in absorbing and delivering punches but awkward in going up slopes or jumping

Since the original Warms came out in 1995, the light-hearted turn-based tactical gameplay has won over a large group of fans. What does Team17 have in store in the forthcoming Revolution? Will it revolutionize the franchise? Expect for further info and its Sept. 30th release.

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