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Xatrium is a free-to-play browser-based 3D action MMO about piloting Mechs to head-to-head racing and shooting battles for ranks and rare resources. Xatrium is set in the aftermath of great warfare that depleted the biggest fossil fuels and left behind little Energy. To survive, players as Mech pilots will fight for the last resources of Xatrium in the galaxy. War thusly begins.

In Xatrium, players can choose from three different beginner Mechs (more planned) and pilot them in fast-paced battles against each other in a 3D world. The goal is simple – destroy as many enemy Mechs as possible and emerge victorious in matches to earn Exp and Xatrium, the in-game currency that are used to purchase items and power-ups.


Players can pursue the single-player campaign accepting and delivering missions as they practice controls, horn skills, earn extra Exp to earn higher ranks, and warm up for the competitive matches against others. And players can fight each other in fierce, fast matches, destructing enemy mechs to earn Xatrium based on enemy Mech’s rank and amount of damage dealt and fighting to be amongst the top Three at the end of a match to claim the share of extra Xatrium in the match pool.

A standard match usually has duration of 10 minutes but can be adjusted by the player when creating a match. If there are insufficient players, computer driven enemies (AI) will be created automatically to maintain the competitiveness of a match. But destroyed AI Mechs earn less XP and Xatrium than human enemies. These AI mechs act dependent on the players rank – the higher the rank, the more aggressive they become. When human players enter the match, AIs will leave. Besides, clans can be founded and players can fight as a team. And more game modes are being worked on for further release.

With earned Exp, players can move to the next higher rank, which rewards players a small amount of Xatrium and unlocks new items in the hangar. Players can customize their own Mech in the Hangar, using weapons, engines, boosters, skins and various power-ups, for an edge in combat.

Xatrium is currently available in English and German language.

Key Features:

  • Choose from 3 Mechs and customize your own from a selection of 9 weapons, 16 engines, over 30 skins, power-ups, etc. (with more prepared, especially Mechs, to be brought into the game during operation)
  • Jump into fray fighting against AI enemies or real-player opponents for resources and honor
  • Found clans and fight as a team in matches
  • Special AI system to keep balanced and fierce enough combat
  • A complex 3D world with physical effects like gravity, collisions and recoil
  • Explosions and projectile impacts are illustrated by particles

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