Xsyon Releases Massive Economy Patch

TIME : 19th Apr 2013 FriAUTHOR : Eleanor


Notorious Games is proud to announce its first major patch of 2013 for its Sandbox MMORPG Xsyon, which is  a massive update focused on developing the in-game economy, with new features including:

  • Trade Totems where players can sell their found and crafted good for local tribal currencies.
  • Tribal upkeep system providing bonuses to tribes that keep their reserves stocked.
  • Crafting improved allowing searching through recipes and crafting of multiple items in one command.
  • Improved armor system including Artisan and Master armor sets.
  • Balanced and raised stat bonuses from armor sets.
  • New resources and material types.
  • Tribal alliances.
  • Much much more

Full patch notes are available on Xsyon’s website: http://www.xsyon.com.


Xsyon is a unique apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG. Players form tribes, shape landscapes, construct towns, create quests, hunt, gather, and develop a New World. Xsyon is an entirely player driven online game with a living and changing environment. Xsyon:Prelude is currently available For Free Play. Xsyon is also currently in the Steam Greenlight program: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118110002