Xsyon Sandbox MMORPG Gets the Steam Greenlight!

TIME : 30th Oct 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

2013/10/30- Xsyon: Prelude, the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG, has been approved for a launch on Steam!

Xsyon entered the Steam Greenlight program earlier this year. Through Greenlight, interested players vote on what titles they would eventually like to play through the Steam online gaming service. In preparation for the pending launch on Steam, Notorious Games has announced their development plans for the next few months as follows:


– Farming: Characters plant, water, tend and harvest crops, gathering food to survive and enhance their existence

– Cooking: Characters combine ingredients to create unique recipes, resulting in dishes that provide buffs and boosts.

– Terrain Reversion: Public land that has been terraformed then abandoned will revert to its original form, giving players a cleaner slate to construct and develop new towns.

– Multiple Servers: To accommodate an influx in population, Xsyon will exist on multiple servers, including a more friendly PvE server and a risk oriented PvP server.

More information is available at the official website: http://www.xsyon.com.

About Xsyon

Xsyon is an entirely player driven online game with a living and changing environment. Players form tribes, shape landscapes, construct towns, create quests, hunt, gather, and develop a New World.

About Notorious Games

Founded in 2007, Notorious Games, the developers of the Xsyon game series are a team of experienced game developers based in the US and Russia. Their mission is create unique, dynamic and evolving online worlds.