Youdagames and Mytopia release a new and improved Governor of Poker!

TIME : 13th Oct 2013 SunAUTHOR : Eleanor

In a joint venture, Youdagames and Mytopia have released a brand new version of their poker game on Facebook, Governor of Poker Texas Tycoon.

Governor of Poker is unlike any other Facebook poker game. Forget the casino…players are deep in the heart of the Wild West! Set in the meanest town of the old west, El Paso, Texas, Governor of Poker allows players to experience a whole new kind of online poker.

Governor of Poker

Players journey through old El Paso as they win hands and level up, allowing them to unlock each of the 23 unique poker saloons, plus one blackjack saloon. In town they will find The Flaming Feather Tipi, The Barber Shop, The Bakery, and of course, The Governor’s Mansion. Players are encouraged to invite an online Facebook friend to join them in the saloon and chat with them in real-time. Each poker saloon presents players with four achievements to unlock, ranging from busting players at the poker table to winning with the most desirable hands. In addition, each saloon has its own leaderboard, allowing players to bask in the fame and glory of beating their Facebook friends. As players move further and further through El Paso, the stakes are higher and the competition is fiercer.

Players can visit the town’s Shop and customize their avatar with colorful cowboy hats, gloves, buttons, and pins, making them feel like a real cowboy. Upon entering a poker saloon, players have a bird’s eye view of their competition. Governor of Poker’s mood setting 3D graphics and realistic sounds draw players deep into the game, keeping them excited and engaged as they challenge friends and players from around the world to Texas Hold’em.

With nearly 100,000 MAU (monthly active users), Governor of Poker Texas Tycoon has made great strides since it’s re-release in May 2013 and is proving to be one of the most innovative social gaming experiences on the market. In the coming months, players can look forward to all new Big Win Events. Players will be invited to play in a brand new saloon where the stakes are high and the winnings are BIG! The catch? Players must attend the event dressed in the proper attire.

Play Governor of Poker Texas Tycoon here: