Zomber Squad Closed Beta Events Unveiled

TIME : 08th Apr 2013 MonAUTHOR : Eleanor

Zomber Squad has opened its second closed beta server on Omprus! The beta test will last for one week. Players can be part of it and participate in some exciting events that enrich the experience.

Zomber Squad Closed Beta

During the closed beta, if players stay online for 1 hour or more they can get rewards including free Soma and Upgrade Stones and evolve the pets to unlock Order Forms and Reebs. At the end of the fifth day, all members of the top 10 Corps will be rewarded with Mad Gainz Passes, and the top 10 Agents by level will be rewarded with tons of free Soma! That’s right – free Soma!

Zomber Squad is a unique MMO for players looking for a bit of a challenge. In the game, players are tasked with controlling up to 3 characters simultaneously to fight intense battles against the undead. Manage your very own safe district and recruit and train a team of diverse heroes. In addition, it allows players to manage their own safe district, recruit and train a team of diverse heroes, and jump into the fray of PVP.

See more event info at our official page, and sign up for closed beta at http://zs.omprus.com/zombersquad/events/beta/.

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