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Zombie Stampede is a strategic Tower Defense & Third-person Shooter hybrid game as a free-to-play experience for all iOS devices. Cool crossfire, tactical deployment, interesting hero development, tons of distinct battle stages, dozens of different hunter types as well as more zombie mutants, etc. – all are merged together in Zombie Stampede to promise fun and immersion.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a virus swept over the land fast turning mankind into all kinds of zombies. It’s up to you to stop the zombie hoards. In Zombie Stampede you need to build your own fighting team by recruiting hunters from two types of boxes: the FP Card Box where you spend Friend Points (FP) drawing cards for the chance to get ordinary hunters (for you get items more often) and the Gold Card Box where you extend gold to draw cards for stronger hunters.

Zombie Stampede

After recruitment you can assign up to 5 hunters into your fighting party and send them on missions. Answer to distress call of other hunters in trouble, safeguard a doctor taking important vaccines, or rid one zone of the harrasing zombies – missions vary from stage to stage but invariably end up in a tower-defense style combat.

The goal of a battle is to defend your vehicle from attacks of zombie hordes. You place selected hunters in the available stances based on their attack range and battle style and then hit the start button to brace up for upcoming zombies. Zombies usually come from more than one outlet. Once they enter the attack range, your hunters will fire off automatically. But that doesn’t mean you are totally off charge. As you control the overall situation, you can target one enemy to be eliminated firstly or tap the hunter that is flung upon by nearby enemies to get him/her out of plight, or decide when to fire at the oil tanks there to blow off multiple zombies. Actually, it’s really important that you are there with your hunters, for there is indeed priority in the elimination order based on enemy types.

In battles you will encounter a wide range of zombies that assault differently. Don’t let the firemen get close to your hunters because if they do they will knock over your fighters for seconds; try to eliminate the screamers before they arrive in vicinity for their shrieks stun nearby hunters motionless; and finish the nurses the moment you spot them – while they don’t attack directly they recover the HP of other zombies within range. And there are also mutant dogs ready to snap, fast walkers, poison-spitting ones, giant bosses, etc., which make appearance as you clear more stages. Every stage is a small episode including several battles in its own special background scene. Prepare to deal with the mini bosses in the last battle.

In every battle you can pick five hunters out of the many options, each belonging to one color-coded type and with its own base attributes, skills and leader effects. Hunters are as diverse as zombie types. Melee fighters, snipers, healers, balanced DPS, tank, tech-supporters and so on are all available at your disposal. With the diversified battle styles come a slew of available abilities ranging from frozen mist and charge to guard and cure circle. In addition, each hunter is blessed with one leader effect suitable for its character prototype, which can be activated once he/she is assigned leader of the team. At the time of writing, Zombie Stamped provides a total of 67 different hunters, more planned, which make tactical maneuvering a reality.

You can also enhance favorite hunters with Zombie Juices gathered from fallen enemies in the battlefield. You can level up hunters, activate & upgrade fighter skills, and evolve those at the max level into new and stronger types. Different zombies drop differently colored juices. While any juices work well in enhancement, more XP are gained if using the very color as the hunter’s type.

Zombie Stampede for now has only solo campaign but integrates social elements to the board. In every battle you choose one of three commanders (other players) to be your support ally. In this way you use extra help and at the same time the chosen player gain some FPs in return. And after the battle you can decide whether you can to follow him/her or not. And if you follow each other, you become friends, which generate more benefits for you both.

Overall, Zombie Stampede is good with the fast battles, fair strategies and satisfactory graphics and animation. It requires a little grinding to garner enough FPs and gold to get more hunters, but meanwhile it’s hard to resist the urge to clear more stages.

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