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Zombies Ate My Pizza is officially launched after it goes through all the normal beta phases and localized into the western market by R2Games, a rising Chinese developer and publisher with quite a few free browser games under its belt. Slightly different from its precedents from the same operator and other contenders in the market, Zombies Ate My Pizza takes a relatively less trodden path in the MMO field by incorporating third-person shooter elements to replace the traditional combat.

Zombies Ate My Pizza

Before we get to the core, Zombies Ate My Pizza has a bizarre name which turns out to be sort-of inconsistent with its own background story that tells a deadly virus from alien extraterrestrial bugs turned humans into zombies and made them think their unaffected kind delectable pizza. Set aside the illogical association between the game title and its background story, it’s still an old post-apocalyptic setting where mankind fights zombies and the alien enemies for survival. With that being the clue, the game arranges its quest line challenging you to reclaim tons of strategic posts over many maps in the name of varying missions.

That’s it. Shooting-based battle at different locations is the main content in Zombies Ate My Pizza. There will be a wide collection of distinct maps each with ten or so posts for you to conquer. And once you enter a battlefield, you meet several types of zombies or mutated animals that will fling themselves into you once you are within attack range. Different zombies attack in their own style: some rush to you quickly to bite or scratch, some fire off weapons like fireballs, bullets, purple explosive balls and laser beam in a distance, and some giants wield special weapons from electrical raw to rocket launchers to deal great damage around you. And at the last node of every map you will also jump into fray with alien airships, similar to minion bosses but not necessarily formidable.

You rely on your weapon and skills to take them down. In-game operation is simple. You move around and dodge the upcoming assault by WASD and you fire for killing by clicking. Both targeting and reloading are not concerns since they are all automatic. When you win a battle you gain gold, soul, attack crystal and other stuff as rewards, which are important for level-up and further enhancement in both weapons and skills. In fact, it’s quite unusual to combine conventional skills with the shooter framework. While you move and fire, you can also use unlocked skills like grenade, blackhole, iceberg, drone cannon, bomb, energy boost and so on via hot keys that will facilitate you to clear a level faster while taking less damage.

These skills are really helpful if you use them in good timing. For example, the iceberg can be used to deal with a bundle of fast-moving zombies that close on you once and for all, all the way more effective than you shooting them one by one; and the blackhole drags zombies close enough to punch you away a little bit to give you a way out or do some adjustment and the teleport ability also works to the same end helpfully. So using you special power on different zombies, you will find some interesting tactics.

As mentioned, you can improve your skills, weapons and equipment. By reaching to higher levels, you collect better gears and guns and win gold and soul and then you use them to better arm your character. Put on a complete of high-level gear, enhance weapon by leveling it up or synching of the same type, and expend earned soul to upgrade or unlock skills. Besides from quests and battles, you can also harvest those resources in different systems or get a delightful package of them freely via gifts.

In addition to solo campaign, Zombies Ate My Pizza also prepares co-op activities for small groups of players to take on tough missions such as crawling dungeons together and interactive PvP combat where you can summon two allies to confront the other group for fame and honor.

Overall, Zombies Ate My Pizza is a special mix of third-person shooter and typical MMO elements. And such blend is in the least fresh and in fact more attractive than the conventional action. But the game still need to work on its language localization, lagging issue and the variety of its character classes and skills to provide better service.

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