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Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) is a free-to-play third-person shooter game developed by TERA developer in collaboration with Yingpei Games (originally known as Epic China Games) for PC. ZMR takes place in an alternate universe where an experiment with inter-dimension goes wrong opening portals for invading forces to the earth and so lighting the fuse for hectic crossfire.

As explicit in the title, Zombies Monsters Robots features a jambalaya of enemies – not only the titular menaces but also many more mysterious threats – players will take on in the battlefield. And enemies are well-equipped with fancy, sometimes unlikely, gear like an electrified chain for an undead boss and guns on the back of dinosaurs. So the assortment of enemies is only a starter while the ridiculous motley style goes through the entire game world.

Zombies Monsters Robots

A third-person shooter, ZMR provides rich customization with a large arsenal of weapons, tons of clothing options, clan support and other areas of character development. Players can enter different roles outfitted with awesome gear and special abilities & perks and work with teammates strategically to defend locales, seal leaking points and breaking bulking bosses towards the completion of missions.

ZMR is multiplayer-focused, featuring both co-op missions and competitive matchups of various modes. Across diverse maps up to 8 players can band together to brave the wave-based survival mode, hour-long campaign with tough boss fight and several other co-op gaming modes. With regards to PvP competition a max of 16 players can split up to dive into monsters vs. humans confrontation where one side controls monsters to eliminate the other side. And the developers plan to add regular contents of new enemies, maps, gear and gaming modes after the game launch.

Zombies Monsters Robots is scheduled to reach a public alpha in this April, followed by an early access version in May. And it is expected to launch in early summer 2014.

Note: Interested players can now sign up for a chance to win a First Blood pack which includes exclusive items (for contemporary use) and early access to the game.

Zombies Monsters Robots – Key Game Features:

  • Fight an absurd ensemble of enemies including zombies, mysterious monsters, cybernetic soldiers, dinos, giant bugs and more across the expansive various maps
  • Dive in hectic and fierce battles in different modes of co-op missions and competitive PvP matches that put your skills and team-based strategy into test
  • Pick different fire powers like rifles, electric katana and more and utilize environmental traps, turrets and mechs, etc. to gain an advantage in the play field
  • Customize characters deeply with the multiple options

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