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Pangalore, the social RPG creator that made the hit Knightly Adventure, is working on another adventure RPG using Html5 for multiple devices. The new title is ZooVale, a free-to-play 2D cartoony social RPG that has a scheduled release this spring for iOS and PC/Mac over Facebook.

ZooVale is a story about a kingdom of talking animals under the threat of an evil witch. In the game, players will act as a brave Lion, who will meet a dynamic cast of cartoon creatures, make friends and fight with their animal allies to rescue lost animals and finally defeat the evil witch as well as her minions to return peace to the kingdom.


The game consists of three major forms of gameplay. To begin with, players will build their own zoo villages, constructing and upgrading farms and a variety of structures while decorating the town to accumulate Fame points. They will need helpers and need to expand the population. Battle is the way to do it – players can rescue lost animals from the evil force who will become their allies and helpers; and players can mix animal mates to breed little babies that can be nurtured into adulthood and then become fighters. While waiting for the completion of a project, players can summon allies and trained fighters on the quest of rescuing kidnapped animals from the witch and her evil followers. Battle is turn-based with three options (attack, defend or charge power) per round in a Rock-Paper-Scissors style of strategy. And players can dispatch the tactical mix of up to three fighters to the frontline.

Key Features:

  • Cross-platform Play – Continue quests seamlessly on multiple devices throughout the day
  • Social Hybrid RPG – Rich town simulation play with building, breeding, and turn-based RPG-style combat quests
  • Build a Village – Build and upgrade buildings and farms, grow food, and assign animals to enhance production
  • Breed a Menagerie – Rescue new animal characters, mate animals to breed new babies, and raise lovable little animals until they mature to become valuable helpers and fighters
  • Battle the Witch – Train up animals and send the right mix of up to three characters on missions to rescue kidnapped animals
  • Heart of a Lion – Your main character and first warrior is a lion who can be leveled up
  • Play your Way – Customize your village with farms, buildings, and colorful decorations that earn increased Fame
  • Play with Friends – Interact with players through helpful village visits
  • Turn-based Battles – Gain additional EXP and reward items while rescuing animals through simple battle quests
  • Attack, Defend, or Charge your Power – Choose one of three available actions in each round of turn-based battles
  • Collect Characters – Add unique male and female characters including lions, foxes, monkeys, bears, donkeys, and hippos with each species having multiple color types including rare and valuable colors
  • Expressive Animals – Every animal has a unique personality with charming animations and vocalizations that vary depending on the location and situation

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